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What is

An 8 week group program designed by an ADHDer for ADHDers..

ADHDers and other neurodivergent folk!

Your home is probably a big source of shame and maybe even conflict for you. Do you:

  • Plan your next outfit from the clothes on the floor

  • Struggle to find your stuff when you need it

  • Hesitate to have people over

  • Fight with you family, partner, or roommates about clutter and mess

By the end of the program you’ll feel better about your space. You’ll:

  • Find things more easily

  • Have more room to do your hobbies and work

  • Feel more intentional about your use of space

  • Have systems in place to help keep it that way

Get a free 30-minute consultation now to learn more and get started.

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2.5 hours

consisting of

You Get

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Getting frustrated or stuck? I’ll be right there to help you through it.

The Program

Declutter Putter is different because it’s designed specifically for our brains.


We know we have a harder time starting a task than most. We know we might get overwhelmed more easily. We know being alone in a room is the worst way for us to work.


Declutter Putter is built with all of that in mind.


It’s for ADHDers who are tired of having a home that stresses them out.

Even if you feel overwhelmed, you can still create a home that works for you.

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Clients Say

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Aurel has significantly changed my life for the better. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and suddenly had a reason behind why I could never get organized [...] Virtual sessions with Aurel have become a regular part of my monthly cleaning routine - my house feels bigger, I am less overwhelmed by clutter, and I am spending less time wandering around looking for misplaced items. Cannot recommend enough!!

Tzomi S.

I would highly recommend working with Aurel as he has been a responsive, accommodating, thoughtful, and direct communicator. He has supported my needs for music, time, and structure without hesitation.


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Join us!

Sunday afternoons on
July 9, 16, 23, and 30

from 2:30pm-5pm PST

Group size : Up to 8

  • Pre-program 1 hour one-on-one

  • A personalized plan for 
    one room or area


  • 4 weekly 2.5 hour group sessions

If your home isn’t working for you, book a free half hour call to talk more about Declutter Putter

Limited sliding scale spots, priority to BIPOC and/or trans folk


Every group session includes

  • 30-45 minutes on education (on topics like motivation and accountability) and group troubleshooting

  • 95-110 minutes of coworking

  • 10 minutes on homework setting and a group check-out

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